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Teaching a Variety of Styles
Mike has been playing guitar and bass for over 23 years.  Originally from the New York City area, he has played in several bands of blues and rock influence.  You can catch Mike playing acoustic sets at coffee shops in the greater Hanover area or filling in for local bands.
Teaching a Variety of Topics
Lesson Topics
Mike generally starts his guitar students on open chords and then progresses to 12 bar blues, barre chords, rock chords, lead patterns, scales, modes, music theory, jamming, and deciphering recorded music.  Bass students generally start with scales and then progress to 12 bar blues, chords, music theory, jamming, and deciphering recorded music.
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Styles and Influences
Mike has years of experience playing and teaching a variety of styles.  He teaches country, blues, jazz, and rock, but specializes in blues.  Some of his influences include The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Van Halen, Larry Grahm, James Jamerson, Robert Johnson, and John Paul Jones.
Girls Rock!!!
Girls Rock!!!
Girls Rock!!!
Teaching Students of All Ages