Link's Music offers the largest
selection of electric and acoustic
guitars and basses in York, Adams,
and Carroll counties.

We currently stock over 1,000 new
and or used guitars and basses
from Gibson, Epiphone, Fender,
Ibanez, ESP, LTD, Schecter,
Washburn, Silvertone, Oscar
Schmidt, B.C. Rich, Dean, Peavey,
and many more.

Call or stop by often so you do not
miss a great deal, as we buy used
guitars on nearly a daily basis!
Electric Guitars
starting at $119.99
Electric Basses
starting at $139.99
Acoustic Guitars
starting at $79.99
Acoustic Basses
starting at $379.99
Complete Electric Guitar
and Bass Packages

starting at $179.99
Complete Acoustic
Guitar Packages

starting at $139.99
We Also Have Great Deals on
Student Guitars:

1/2 Size Acoustics: starting at $39.99
3/4 Size Acoustics: starting at $59.99
3/4 Size Electrics:   starting at $99.99
2 Free Introductory Lessons and a Free 30-90 Day Check-Up
Included With Any Guitar Purchase of $100 or More!
starting at
starting at
starting at

starting at
Also, be sure to check out our selection of banjos, ukeleles,
mandolins, and resophonic guitars.
Over 1,000 Guitars in Stock
Hanover, PA